Swing/Stroke (technical)

Competitive golf is a balance of science and art. At G P Lab, we focus on the golf swing and stroke through various systems of technology. We use the GP Lab P-System for swing and stroke analysis. By getting the science down, we are able to examine the kinematics, kinetic timing and tempo of your swing and stroke. Our up-to-date technology will bring deeper awareness to your game. With the Swing Catalyst, a high-speed video and simulator, will provide 2D visual swing analysis. The GC Quad launch monitor will give a player a better understanding of ball and club data. Furthermore, our other technological services of K-Coach/K-Play 3D system and Blast Motion will give further insights to your swing and stroke. Through these platforms, our science-based coaching will lead to quicker success on the course.

mental game

We believe golf is a game of mental strength and acuity. As physical rehearsal is an essential part of a player’s game, mental rehearsal is just as vital. At GP Lab we design physical and mental training for our players with our experienced coaches. Our coaches go beyond physical and technical training. We engrain our players with mental game skills for competitive golf. It’s all about mind over matter.

life skill

The great Arnold Palmer once said, “Success in golf depends less on strength of body [and] more on strength of mind and character.” Our life skills and experience from our coaches at GP Lab will offer sustainable mental wellness and competence to our players. We know the game of golf is more mental than physical. Our experienced coaches will provide individual goal settings, emotional stability with a positive outlook and a strong work ethic. Through golf, we make the most out of life.

golf fitness (physical literacy and fitness)

At GP Lab, our fitness program is based on physical literacy and golf fitness. According to the Aspen Institute, physical literacy is the ability, confidence and desire to be physically active for life. Golf is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Our holistic approach to the game will enhance one’s physical and mental acuity. Through physical literacy, we aim to build the athlete first by including fundamental movement skills (FMS) and fundamental sport skills (FSS).

G p lab play (tactical preparation)

Every player requires tactics – effective skills required to utilize one’s talent to their advantage. Our tactical preparation includes strategic play and tactics to heighten one’s game in golf (pre- and post-competitions) with an experienced coach in the field. At GP Lab our “Preparing to Play” plans include analysis of one’s game – with a focus of practical implementation and the intentions of desired outcomes as we explore possible strategies and solutions during competition.

Are you ready to enhance your practice, and take your game to the next level?